Home Mortgage Loans 101: When To Refinance Your Mortgage Loans

Owning a home is a huge commitment since besides providing regular upkeep in your living space, you also need to address a plethora of financial matters. One of the biggest financial obligations you need to be responsible for is your home mortgage loans.

Mar 10, 2021 | Home Renovation Loans mortgage brokers

Time to Take Advantage of the Commercial Real Estate Market

Time to Take Advantage of the Commercial Real Estate Market

The coronavirus pandemic that shutdown the U.S. economy almost a year ago has continued to affect the nation in many more aspects than just personal health. With millions of American companies forced to have their employees work from home, many of them ha

Mar 03, 2021 |

Conventional vs FHA vs VA Loans: Which One Is the Best for You?

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’re looking at your fourth property, you’re probably wondering what kind of mortgage to take. Most mortgage borrowers can choose from three major loan types: FHA, VA, and conventional. Each loan has a different

Mar 02, 2021 | mortgage brokers Mortgages FHA Loans

Can you a Buy a Home with Bad Credit?

Can you a Buy a Home with Bad Credit?

Mortgage interest rates are at record lows and it could be a really good time to get into the housing market. Of course, to get a mortgage loan for a home purchase lenders will look at your credit score. If you’re scared of what they’ll find w

Feb 24, 2021 | Purchasing a Home

Closing Costs: What Home Buyers And Sellers Need To Know

When a home seller accepts a buyer's offer, it might be tempting to consider it a finished transaction. After all, the most crucial part is finished. However, there is more to a sale than the final buying or selling price of a home and getting the best mo

Feb 23, 2021 | Purchasing a Home mortgage brokers

All You Need to Know About Qualifying for a VA Home Loan

Buying a home is an arduous process that many people will go through at least once in their lives. The real estate industry in Utah is booming, and this great state is an excellent place for veterans to retire and live a quiet life post-deployment. The go

Feb 17, 2021 | VA Loans

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