5 Factors That Affect the VA Loan Process Timeline

5 Factors That Affect the VA Loan Process Timeline

The VA loan, known as the loan offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs, offers advantageous mortgage rates to service members, veterans, and their families. However, just like any other loan, many questions surround the process, like how long it takes to purchase a home with a VA loan. 

As the homebuying process contains numerous steps, it often differs per person, especially when factoring in the varying homebuying journeys. Many people believe that VA loans take an exceptionally long time to close; however, this simply isn’t true. Most VA loans close within 40 to 50 days, which is very similar to the timeline of conventional loans. However, it’s still important to know the five factors that affect a VA loan timeline. Here are the elements you need to know about:


One of the best ways to lessen the waiting time is to seek preapproval. A preapproved buyer is an individual that has fulfilled a lender’s minimal requirements, thus positioning them to acquire a loan as long as they meet certain conditions. VA loan preapproval demonstrates that the prospective buyer will likely seek financing, eliminating delays and uncertainty that could lengthen the VA loan process.

It’s important to get preapproved as soon as months before you begin your house hunt. That way, you have enough time to resolve any eligibility problems before finding the property of your dreams.

Buyer and Seller Timelines

While you may have found the perfect property on the market, it doesn’t mean that you and the seller have similar timelines. Although you may be ready to make the purchase immediately, the seller may need some time, such as until the school year ends or until construction on their new house has finished.

The lack of alignment between timelines can easily affect the VA loan process timeline, so it’s essential to communicate with the seller. Focus on agreeing on a closing date, but be aware that the date can either accelerate or delay the process.

The Duration of the VA Appraisal

When you buy a home with a VA loan, your new property will have to undergo a VA appraisal. The only authorized person to do this is a VA-approved appraisal, although VA lenders are responsible for ordering VA appraisals. It takes around ten days on average to complete an assessment, although this can receive delays, as VA appraisers are relatively scarce in rural areas. If you’re hoping to buy property in sparsely populated areas, expect the appraisal to take a bit longer.

The Results of the VA Appraisal

Your VA appraisal findings can affect the timeline of your VA loan process, as you may need to make repairs to the home if the appraiser deems it necessary. The loan can close only if you complete the repairs, which means that extensive repairs can easily delay the closing date by weeks or months.

The resulting appraisal value can also impact the timeline, as issuing VA loans at an amount that surpasses the home’s appraisal value isn’t possible. Meanwhile, if the appraisal value is below the purchase price, you may have to do some reconsidering.

The Underwriting Process

After the appraisal, your VA loan file must now undergo final underwriting. However, if the underwriter requires more documentation or notices an eligibility issue, this can push back the closing date. However, don’t panic, as you’re just about to close your loan. Cooperate with the underwriter and be as helpful as possible, as this can lead to a swift close.


Buying a home is always an exciting process, mostly when you work with a reputable mortgage broker in Salt Lake City. Under their guidance, you can breeze through these five factors and enjoy a quick VA loan process. By staying flexible and open while processing your VA loan, you’ll move into your home sooner than you think!

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